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When to Choose High-Impact or Low-Impact Workout?

The human body needs regular exercise. Exercising boosts the immune system and fights infection. It also supports muscle development, stamina, and weight loss. Therefore, being physically active is beneficial to health.

Running, weight lifting, and playing sports are only some of the myriad of ways on how a person can stay fit. These exercises are the most popular, especially to men, since it enhances muscle growth and development. However, take note that there is a proper way of exercising.

Introducing High-Impact and Low-Impact Workout

There are two classifications of exercises. These are high-impact and low impact workout. Each one of these classifications has a different effect on the body. The effect varies on the individual’s body type and physical condition.

What is a High-Impact Workout?

Before anything else, understand the term “impact” on these workout categories. The impact refers to the action of one object coming in contact with another object. For example, when running, the leg muscles and ankle feel a great impact against the floor or ground.

A high-impact workout refers to exercises wherein the body gets in contact with another object, equipment, or body harder. Examples of high-impact workouts are cross-training, running, jumping jacks, boxing, and other similar exercises.

High-impact workouts are harder and more challenging for the body. It applies great pressure on the muscles and joints. Since high-impact exercises are more intense, it shows faster results. It is why athletes and bodybuilders usually use high-impact exercises as their routine.

What is a Low-Impact Workout?

A low-impact workout is the complete opposite of high-impact exercises. It offers minimal to zero impact on the body. Low-impact workouts require leaving at least a foot off the ground. Hence, this type of exercise applies lesser stress and pressure on muscles and joints.

Specialists recommend low-impact exercises to individuals who suffer from chronic pain and have an underlying medical condition. Moreover, it is the best exercise program for seniors who want to stay fit and physically active.

Examples of low-impact exercises are walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, hiking, dancing, and Pilates. Since it is easier on the body, such exercise offers slower results. Though it is less strenuous, low-impact exercises still offer similar benefits to high-impact workouts. It supports stamina, cardiovascular health, weight loss, and enhances the immune system.

Conditions Where High Impact Exercise Applies

Below are the conditions when high-impact exercises best fit.

  • Faster weight loss and burning of calories
  • Muscle building
  • Ideal for individuals searching for tougher challenges
  • Best for individuals that are at low risk for injury
  • Improving bone density
  • Body conditioning and training for competition

Conditions Where Low Impact Exercise Applies

The following situations and conditions are ideal for low-impact exercises.

  • Looking for exercises that are easy on the joints and muscles
  • When recovering from injuries
  • Improving balance
  • Ideal for seniors who wants to be active
  • Improves alignment and flexibility

Additional Advice

Before choosing any exercise program, make sure to consult a medical professional who is familiar with your condition. They can point you towards the best exercises that are suitable for your body.   With this, you won’t waste time and effort working on programs that have minimal effect on the body or might cause great stress.

Best Dating Websites

In today’s world, not everyone has the time to meet people the traditional way. Online dating has become very common in the current generation as it helps you meet new and interesting people just by a few clicks.

Online dating has made it so much easier to find a person who shares your common interest. Despite being very popular usually online dating does not go according to the way you wish as either you have to pay for the website or the website ends up being a scam. That’s why we have taken the liberty of creating a list of the free dating websites that are available online which have the most features and are trusted and used by millions.

1) – is a free online dating website which is widely used by many people as it offers free features such as audio, Text and video chat. The users are given a certain free number of messages that they can send, but upon using them all, they asked to pay a certain amount to get the unlimited texts feature. This site has over 9 million users as of today.

2) OkCupid –

OkCupid is one of the most widely used dating website as its features are free and the features are very simple to use compared to other websites. It has more than 8 million users. It presents its users with quizzes and questionnaires which help them find a better match for their users.

3) Tinder –

This is one of the most commonly used dating website in the world. Along with the website, it is also available as an application of ios and android. Tinder uses location-based social search to find a partner for its users. In this app, the users are allowed to swipe left and right based on their dislikes and likes. If two people swipe right for each other, then it automatically matches them and will enable them to send messages to each other.

4) – is moreover like OkCupid but with an advanced system. Just like OkCupid, it uses questionnaires to find compatibility among its users. After the questionnaires are sent, the users are judged, and only then match with other partners. It claims to have more than 11 million users.

5) Ashley Madison –

Ashley Madison is an online dating website that helps people find partners regardless of their current relationship status. The caption of this website is “ Life is short. Have an Affair”. It claims to be 100 percent discreet about its user’s privacy. While logging into this website, it asks a series of questions that are relevant to your current relationship status and the user gets to select based on what they are seeking for. It has more than 20 million users, and they seem to be growing every day. Ashley Madison website is banned in Singapore.

6) Plenty of Fish –

Plenty of Fish is among the first dating website that is still in use and is also available on the google play store. It has the highest number of users crossing over 40 million. It is the fourth most visited dating website in the world as all of its features are free and easy to use.