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Latest From Our Blog

The Simple Pleasures

Do you own a vibrator? Or maybe have been thinking of owning one? Or maybe two or three? After all why not try it all why you’re at it, right? We only live once so let’s make it something worth telling about when we finally reach the final rapture.

Talking about rapture and pleasure in general, nothing beats a nice selection of quality vibrators. Marilyn Monroe might have sang like the iconic vamp that she was about diamonds being a girl’s best friend but in today’s world there is no more intimate friend than your very own vibrator securely stashed like the treasure it is among your most precious possessions.

The vibrator and female pleasure have a long and storied history. It all started with the myth of Female Hysteria, a legitimate medical diagnosis of that time, and the magic of pelvic massages, a routine medical treatment of that time. So what is Female Hysteria, you ask? Well, taking a brief look at Victorian medical records tells us that it was a catch all of various medical complaints including but not limited to nervousness, anxiety, too much or too little sexual appetite, melancholy and a flotilla of various disturbing behaviors. And what is a pelvic massage? Well, that is a story best told between you and your trusty vibrator.

Diversity is a wonderful, amazing thing. It is even more so when it is applied to this humble appliance that is built with a woman’s pleasure in mind. The vibrator has come a long way from its Victorian origins as a bulky, heavy, stationary machine strapped inside physician’s clinics. Its end goal is still the same but it now offers a variety of ways to get to that climactic finish. Vibrators now come in different shapes, sizes and motion. Man’s capability for innovation has served us very well in this case. The classic vibrators and wands will always be there for the hard core traditionalist. However if you are willing to go outside of you sexual comfort zone there are also G Spot Vibrators, Butterfly Vibrators and even Thrusting Vibrators to assuage your curiosity for something new. But what if you get overwhelmed by all the choices and are torn between two extremely pleasurable choices? Well, with all things being equal, you can always go for a Vibrator set, as they say, no hard choices needed.

So back to the question of do you currently own a vibrator? Or have you been thinking of owning one? Well, if you answered in the affirmative to any of the questions above then it’s time for a visit to

This website has a nice selection of quality vibrators for your window shopping pleasure in anticipation of an absolutely rapturous purchase. Best of all if you drop by now, is having their seasonal Summer Time Blow Out Sale with some of their best sellers discounted up to 50% off.

For Women’s Pleasure: Best-Selling Sex Toys Collection of 2019

Who says you need a boyfriend to experience sexual pleasure?

You can have a hot and sexy night without having men around. All you need is a functional and high-quality sex toy from well-known brands.

The sex toy market is no longer a taboo in this liberated world. Women of today are more open with their sexuality and accept the differences in sexual preferences of people. That is why you can easily find an adult store near your location. And, if you are new to this and feel embarrassed to go to a physical adult store, you can always browse the internet for reliable sex toy stores online.

One of the leading and most reputable adult stores in the online market is Simpli Pleasure. This virtual marketplace has been around for years providing the best quality sex toys for men, women, and couples. If you are tired of having vanilla sex all the time, the Simpli Pleasure has everything you need to spice up your sex life.

The Simpli Pleasure has a wide collection of sex toys coming from famous and well-established brands in this industry. Moreover, these items are guaranteed 100% safe to use. You can choose one from Simpli Pleasure collection listed below.

#1 Realistic Dildos

Dildos can take out all of your frustrations without getting tied up with emotional strings. If you are looking for an on-the-go boyfriend, this adult toy fits the bill. Here are the top-selling realistic dildos that you’ll find here at Simpli Pleasure.

  • Basix Realistic 7 inches Slim Dildo by Pipedream
  • Basix Dong 10 inches Dildo with Suction Cup
  • No. 7 Realistic Vibrating Suction Dildo 9 inches by Real Feel Deluxe
  • No.4 Realistic Vibrating Suction Dildo 7.5 inches by Real Feel Deluxe
  • Vac-U-Lock Dildo 8 inches Classic

#2 Rabbit Vibrators

If intense pleasure is what you need to take out all the stress in your body, then a rabbit vibrator is a good match for you. This sex toy offers the best clitoral stimulation to help you get-off. Check out these top-selling rabbit vibrators that you would surely love.

  • Triple Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator from Total Ecstasy
  • Original Jack Rabbit Vibrator by California Exotics
  • Dual Action Rabbit Vibrator with 3 speed option by Tongue Twister
  • Classic Purple Pearl Rabbit Vibrator in Waterproof design
  • Thrusting Orgasm Rabbit Vibrator by California Exotics

#3 Powerful Clitoral Vibrator

Every woman deserves a good stimulation and the best pleasure. And, you can get it with the use of the leading clitoral vibrators in the market.

  • USB Rechargeable Powerful Clitoral Vibrator by Jimmyjane
  • Hitachi Ultra Powerful Magic Wand Clitoral Vibrator by Vibratex
  • Butterfly Kiss G-spot Vibrator by California Exotics
  • Advanced Clitoral Pump in 3 speed setting by California Exotics
  • Luxury Edition Clitoral Vibrator FORM 2 by Jimmyjane

Additional Tip

Remember this; read product reviews before buying any adult toy. Although it comes from a reliable source and a well-known brand, reading product reviews would assist you in selecting the right sexy toy that is best suitable for your needs. Moreover, you won’t regret spending on the item you decided to buy.

Thus, when you go Simpli Pleasure, consult first their product reviews and customer feedback on specific items.

Best Dating Websites

In today’s world, not everyone has the time to meet people the traditional way. Online dating has become very common in the current generation as it helps you meet new and interesting people just by a few clicks.

Online dating has made it so much easier to find a person who shares your common interest. Despite being very popular usually online dating does not go according to the way you wish as either you have to pay for the website or the website ends up being a scam. That’s why we have taken the liberty of creating a list of the free dating websites that are available online which have the most features and are trusted and used by millions.

1) – is a free online dating website which is widely used by many people as it offers free features such as audio, Text and video chat. The users are given a certain free number of messages that they can send, but upon using them all, they asked to pay a certain amount to get the unlimited texts feature. This site has over 9 million users as of today.

2) OkCupid –

OkCupid is one of the most widely used dating website as its features are free and the features are very simple to use compared to other websites. It has more than 8 million users. It presents its users with quizzes and questionnaires which help them find a better match for their users.

3) Tinder –

This is one of the most commonly used dating website in the world. Along with the website, it is also available as an application of ios and android. Tinder uses location-based social search to find a partner for its users. In this app, the users are allowed to swipe left and right based on their dislikes and likes. If two people swipe right for each other, then it automatically matches them and will enable them to send messages to each other.

4) – is moreover like OkCupid but with an advanced system. Just like OkCupid, it uses questionnaires to find compatibility among its users. After the questionnaires are sent, the users are judged, and only then match with other partners. It claims to have more than 11 million users.

5) Ashley Madison –

Ashley Madison is an online dating website that helps people find partners regardless of their current relationship status. The caption of this website is “ Life is short. Have an Affair”. It claims to be 100 percent discreet about its user’s privacy. While logging into this website, it asks a series of questions that are relevant to your current relationship status and the user gets to select based on what they are seeking for. It has more than 20 million users, and they seem to be growing every day. Ashley Madison website is banned in Singapore.

6) Plenty of Fish –

Plenty of Fish is among the first dating website that is still in use and is also available on the google play store. It has the highest number of users crossing over 40 million. It is the fourth most visited dating website in the world as all of its features are free and easy to use.